For 15 years, The Vanella Group, Inc. has been the ONLY firm that brings expert,high-quality, B2B telemarketing & telesales-based lead generation with an engagement formula exclusively designed for tech companies.

Our Telesales 2.0 (TM) programs deliver active opportunities. Our team are "engagement experts" that know how to open a conversation at a peer level, gain access to real opportunities with senior executive's and get critical, real-time intelligence that makes the difference in successful engagements that infuse the sales pipeline.

The Vanella Group, Inc.'s telesales/lead generation services are guaranteed, low risk, high return, and delivers deep intel on accounts.

" You are an impressive team, and you find ways to impress even the toughest critics...I think of you as masters of your domain."
Natalie S., VP Marketing for Publicly Traded Tech Firm
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