Comprehensive Opportunity Profiles

By far, the most comprehensive opportunity profiles I have ever seen.

Accountable to Results

The Vanella Group, Inc. holds itself accountable to results, not activities. Their services were customized to my requirements, their deliverables were clear and easy to manage and analyze, and the leads we received paid for their services 20 times over. I have nothing but the highest praise for The Vanella Group, Inc.

Large Deals

80% of large deals that closed came from this telemarketing program.

Actual Enterprise Salespeople

I hired The Vanella Group, Inc. when they were recommended to me by a trusted colleague. I needed them to act as my inside sales team when I didn't have one for my direct sales force. Their ability to get to the heart of your sales pitch and get expert salespeople making telemarketing calls is amazing. What I loved most is the experience level of their callers - they are actual enterprise sales people and not just dialers. They can go beyond just verifying contact information and really screen the opportunities. The Vanella Group, Inc. team members were always professional, responsive and showed results quickly. What you do with their leads is really only limited by the skill of your own direct sales force to follow up, but they were able to find nuggets of golden opportunity at our target accounts. The Vanella Group, Inc. team is professional and so easy to work with and will adapt to whatever you need to meet your goals. I would hire them again in a second.

A Proven Expert in Demand Generation and CXO Penetration

The Vanella Group, Inc. is one of the most prolific demand generation experts that I have had the pleasure to work with. They are "master and commander" of the cold call—if one can call it that—because they invariably turn up hot leads! Their ability to penetrate the CXO domain in corporate America is simply fantastic.

Outstanding Leads

The lead generation results we get from The Vanella Group, Inc. are outstanding. We closed new business right away and have added more opportunities to the pipeline in the short time we have worked with The Vanella Group, Inc. than we did from a long term engagement with another provider. They have also worked closely with us to make sure we are engaged with the opportunities they do find for us. It's been a very good choice to work with The Vanella Group, Inc. as our outbound telemarketing partner and we look forward to a long term relationship with them.

High-Quality, Discovery-Based Approach

The Vanella Group, Inc. provides solutions for one of the thorniest marketing problems that I have faced in my career - is there a vendor out there that provides a service I can rely on to use a high quality, discovery-based approach to finding new leads. Most providers use a used car sales approach and this not only yields poor results, but worse, erodes your company's reputation in the marketplace. The Vanella Group, Inc. does the opposite and I would recommend them unequivocally.

Complete Profile of Opportunity

The Vanella Group, Inc. delivers much more than leads, they give us a complete profile of the opportunity that goes beyond general information like listing contacts, timing, budgets and so on. They give me strategic information with the words of the executives themselves that is what I need to be prepared with a specific topic and how I can get an extra edge on the business early on. Their ability to capture this information is incredible, you can't get a better opportunity lead than that. Because of the experience The Vanella Group, Inc. has in telesales for high tech and bringing such a deep understanding of how companies buy technology, their work is the best we have ever seen. Other B2B telemarketing firms we worked with previously were never able to produce the level of results The Vanella Group, Inc. has for us.

Increases Pipeline

What you do has so much value for companies. Your program totally compliments a sales organization. It jump starts and increases pipeline building and adds volume immediately.

Exceeded Expectations

The Vanella Group, Inc. exceeded our expectations in every way, prospect identification, delivering qualified leads, handing off leads to the sales team, and reporting activities. I hired The Vanella Group, Inc. after having mediocre results from other telesales and lead generation firms. As a result of their work, our marketing spend to sales ratio improved measurably. I fully recommend The Vanella Group, Inc.. They are professionals who have unique skills and deliver measurable results.

Looks After the Client's Best Interest

Having done business with thousands of companies over 25 years, The Vanella Group, Inc. is of the very select few who consistently achieves outstanding results, displays integrity and looks after the client's best interest at all times.

50% of Pipeline

Just after the first 90 days, 50% of what it in our pipeline is from you…we have never run a program like this.

Rich Information and Active Opportunities

The Vanella Group, Inc. helped us jump-start a new go-to-market initiative at a strategic client. The Vanella Group, Inc. team uncovered rich information and active opportunities in the client's target accounts. The team ramped up fast and delivered quality leads in both the UK and US. With the contacts and information The Vanella Group, Inc. provided, our client's sales reps were able put the new sales strategy to use immediately. When we want to help our clients find opportunities and advance into accounts, The Vanella Group, Inc. is our top choice for tele-prospecting.

Technical and Business Acumen

I am extremely impressed with The Vanella Group, Inc.'s ability to grasp the technology and the business benefits of our product as well as your development of such targeted messaging. I look forward to our next business venture with you.

Truly Qualified Leads

I worked with The Vanella Group, Inc. initially on a cornerstone project that proved to be wildly successful. Since then The Vanella Group, Inc. has assisted me while I was Principal for Carmel Consulting Group and engaging with several key companies helping each of them in turn find and close "truly" qualified leads. Their business savvy, enthusiasm, resourcefulness and experience are to be admired as they have artfully and scientifically developed the holy grail of lead generation, the key elixir that all companies need.

Understands Demand Generation

The Vanella Group really understands the pains of demand generation rather than the lip service and hackneyed processes provided by so many companies in their field. It holds itself accountable to results, not activities. The leads we received paid for The Vanella Group's services 20 times over.

Fantastic Work

Your work is fantastic.

Impressive Team

You are an impressive team, you impress even the toughest critics…