We have been supporting channel marketing programs for over 25 years. Complex relationships with multiple stakeholders, multiple sales teams, overlapping territories, various value-adds from partners, we've done it all. We also know how to do it right so everyone succeeds.

Maximize Partner Revenue through High-Quality Opportunities and Strategic Investment

Many enterprise technology providers leverage a channel for a percentage of revenue. For some it is OEM relationships. For others it is value-added solution providers. For others it may be resellers, or even a combination of all of the above.

Regardless of the type of channel, your revenue will grow when partners pursue high quality opportunities.

The higher quality of the corporate investment in the partnership, the more successful that partnership will be. Using the same MDF funds in a smart investment, you can create a more mutually lucrative partnership that sees greater revenue achievement attached to it.

Choose a Proven, Standardized Program

With a Telesales 2.0™ modeled program as a channel development solution, you can offer your partners pre-structured telemarketing programs that work out of the gate. Our unique solution leverages our expertise in technology channel sales. Channel programs have their own nuances that need an experienced vendor to support both sides.

With The Vanella Group, Inc. solution, you can provide your partners the same high quality opportunities that you would deliver to your direct sales organization. These high value, active sales cycles will be aligned with your channel partner's capabilities and strengths.

Address your whole channel with a proven, standardized program.

Customize Your Program

You can customize your channel development program to meet the specific needs of your channel.

  1. We will incorporate our proven telemarketing approach to deliver active sales cycles to your channel partners based on their individual value-add.
  2. We have a structured reporting program for Proof-of-Performance reporting, and opportunity sharing.
  3. We handle the reporting so you have full visibility of the program.
  4. We can escalate any opportunities that needs your support to channel managers if needed..
  5. We make sure your partners are in the right place at the right time with the quality leads you provide.
  6. The result is more eagerness of your partners to work with you as well, this is an excellent investment that pays off in loyalty and increased resource investment of your partners.
  7. Our training program for channel lead programs can teach your partners to more effectively convert those leads to sales before we start—it's part of the program from you.

Build Your Channel

Even established channel programs can benefit with an infusion of new, viable leads. Using our successful methodology, we can help you identify potential channel opportunities.

Learn How to Outsource Telemarketing

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