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White Glove VIP Relationship Management
For Immediate Release
January 7, 2019

2019 introduces our White Glove VIP level of outbound B2B Telemarketing as our amplified solution option of Telesales 2.0™. This is for organizations that need ongoing visibility into accounts with longer sales cycles, multiple stakeholders involved, teams with high demands on time, and needs to know nothing is falling through the cracks that could blind-side them in the future.

Eliminate the risk of blind spots in key accounts

Why White Glove VIP Relationship Management is for your team

Many companies outsource B2B telemarketing to support their demand generation activities. It is a highly successful activity when it is set up to align with the organization's real-world workflow.

The challenges The Vanella Group, Inc. has been solving since 2000:

  • Organizations need to partner with a vendor that can have executive-level staff on the front lines. Deals are often missed from front line "B2B Telemarketing" reps that are too junior to have a sophisticated conversation. We have been able to solve that for our clients with our team and methodology.
  • Today's enterprise tech providers need someone on the front lines that knows and understand complex technology. They need someone that understands the adoption cycles of technology, why companies are making the plans they are, and can effectively engage prospects based on a specific message. We deliver a message tailored to the individual stakeholder for each account.
  • Interest may be discovered, but it's just as important to know what drives initiatives. We learn customer’s most important concerns, which provides enterprise sales reps answers to important questions EARLY in discussions with prospects.
  • Identify who the real stakeholders are. It's not about just getting an "appointment," but engaging with the influential key contacts in accounts.
White Glove VIP Relationship Management turns your demand gen efforts into both a strategic and tactical engine that is muti-facted in high-returns, and is customized for what your team needs today!


  • B2B Outbound Telemarketing Engagement via Telesales 2.0®
  • Peer-level discussions with stakeholders in accounts
  • Social monitoring and behavioral summary analysis
  • Alert feeds
  • Warm hand-off
  • Account Planning
  • Progressive engagement
  • Multi-faceted reporting for a 360 degree view
  • Long-term data orchestration to get deals across the finish line
  • Predictable 5x Over FTE Results
  • Psychographic data sources
  • Customizable to client needs

Telesales 2.0™ delivers actual selling opportunities

The Vanella Group, Inc. guarantees results. We meet what we promise 100% of the time. We structure your program on results-based objectives.

  • You need low risk
  • You need tangible results
  • You want to deliver programs to your team they can trust

That is how we measure success. That is what The Vanella Group, Inc. stands by.

Guaranteed, high quality leads are only part of The Vanella Group, Inc. difference.

To consistently obtain higher than industry average results, you need a proven approach. The Vanella Group, Inc.'s B2B telemarketing approach - Telesales 2.0™. In conjunction with extensive enterprise technology expertise, our unique approach produces the high quality, active sales cycles you really want. Our performance is 5x above industry standards for teleservices programs and out-performs internal FTE execution standards.

We provide your team the account's "behind the curtain" sales intelligence, you get the real drivers behind the project. This inside track helps you improve your sales effectiveness. You engage with prospects with the right topics understanding their requirements and how they want to open a discussion with you.

This approach must be aligned with your priorities, your sales technologies, and your team's working style. It must be delivered in a manner consistent with how your team consumes information. That is why every Telesales 2.0™ solution is custom delivered to ensure your success. We are experts at launching programs to productivity quickly and concisely.

About The Vanella Group, Inc.

The Vanella Group, Inc. specializes in providing High-Touch/High-Quality Telesales-based Lead Generation Solutions for Enterprise Technology companies. Their performance-oriented programs utilizing a peer-to-peer engagement model have consistently delivered results 5x above industry standards for clients including HP, Hitachi, SAP, and other enterprise technology providers. For more information on their services, please contact them at 1-888-335-0340 or visit their website at