The Sales 2.0 Conference this week was a huge success! Being a sponsor for the third year, we can see the impact of Sales 2.0 in a number of ways:

  1. Attendance went from just over 100 back in 2007 to over 500 this year. Executives clearly see they need to modernize their sales operations and are seeking out the right way to model their sales and marketing operations.
  2. What were more conceptual models in 2007 are now in use with real ROI numbers to support them. Companies like VMware, Blue Coat, Appriro, ShoreTel, and Intuit were all there with incredible success stories.
  3. Sales 2.0 was a "nice to have" a few years back, but now with 1.0 sales models causing revenue loss, sales and marketing executives have to abandon practices that keep them behind their competition.
  4. It isn't just about automation. It is a deliberate architecture of technology, training, communication, and interdepartmental processes that make a Sales 2.0 organization work.
  5. The companies that add value have survived the recent lean times and now have the use models to share. Marketo, Jigsaw, Oracle, Hoovers, Salesforce, and many others bring enormous value with time tested solutions.

We have had numerous companies reach out to us since the conference looking for Sales 2.0 models for their organizations. We are so excited to see so many organizations ready to step up to the challenge and get in the front of the pack.

It's clear that Sales 2.0 isn't just a concept anymore.