Over the last few years, marketing and sales teams have experienced a lot of changes--some great, some challenging, some worked beyond what was hoped for, and some we aren't seeing in many marketing roadmaps for 2012. Now that companies better know who and where their prospect are, they can focus on reaching a higher concentration of them with their demand generation efforts.

The great thing about the last few years is hindsight is 20/20. The experiences you've already had, and results available through recent studies can help you to achieve a new level of success THIS year by focusing on those high-return activities.

A recent report on sales intelligence showed reps are performing at a 11%+ higher quota attainment by using sales and marketing enablement tools to prospect accounts. The challenge is getting reps to use them, or even for management to block out the time to train them. We have been able to help our clients get the benefit of social media, demographic sales intelligence, and optimized lead management by providing an outbound teleprospecting solutionthat utilizes all of those as part of a high return teleprospecting effort. So for teams that internally are still at the early stages of defining how to best utilize those, we can give them the advantage as though they were using them internally without any adoption resistance.

The result? One client told us that 80% of the last 5 large deals that closed were from our lead generation program. Again and again we see that by staying on top of where sales and marketing enablement is going and bringing best-practices to our clients, they get the benefit without the pain of any learning curve or resistance to adopting new ways to prospect.

Are you leveraging best practices of the current marketing and sales landscape that has proven itself? Are you looking at these solutions or onboarding partners that use them effectively for your campaigns?

InsideView, Data.com, Marketo, Salesforce, and solid practices around lead lifecycle management and sales intelligence all contribute to increased revenue.

Onboarding partners with a plug-and-play infrastructure and optimized environment that leverages the above solutions gives you immediate ability to still bump your pipeline to that 11% increased performance result.

Hindsight shows what is working for teams today and how they are meeting aggressive revenue goals--what that means for you is you can quickly leverage those practices that work for your own teams.

Happy Selling!